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Lowest Gas Prices Through Deregulation

Energy costs have become a drag on the economy of Florida, creating hardships for residents and businesses alike. Inhabitants of mobile homes have reported electric bills of $350 a month, and residents of small fixed homes have in some cases been paying nearly twice that amount. One answer to high energy costs is deregulation. Mirabito Gas is a company that is dedicated to reducing energy costs through its use of the deregulated Florida natural gas market and getting you the lowest gas prices possible.

The reduction of energy costs by only 5 percent a year over a period of four years could be a boon to Florida taxpayers and to the state economy in general. Utility rates can be reduced through free market competition, but deregulation has to be done properly to be effective. In the field of electricity, service is divided into three sections that together provide power to communities throughout the state. The section that actually generates the power operates the different facilities designed for that purpose. The distribution of power to homes and businesses is carried out by the distribution section, which consists of the utility lines and support facilities. The administrative section is concerned with customer billing. Under the principle of deregulation, any company can purchase power from any producer, transmit it over utility lines for a fee and sell it to any customer. The reduction in costs will come through the greater efficiency of a deregulated system.

lowest gas pricesLowest Gas Prices

Deregulation of utilities has been enacted in other states, with varying degrees of success. Texas supposedly implemented the full deregulation of its electricity market in 2002, giving customers the choice of staying with their local provider or switching to a competitive “retail” provider. However, state law still allowed the continued existence of quasi-government power providers, allowing these entities to maintain their industrial monopoly. Deregulation in California led to supply problems and in some cases to power brownouts, and as a result the regulations were restored. However, utility companies in the state were prohibited from making long-term contracts, which limited their markets. Contrast this with Pennsylvania, where companies were required to diversify their sources of energy. A true system of deregulation should be based on the one employed by telephone companies.

Natural gas savings have become a reality in Florida through competition and choice that has been brought about by deregulation. It is the principle of gas deregulation that makes it possible for Mirabito Gas to offer significant savings in energy costs to its customers.

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