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FL Natural Gas FAQ

FL Natural Gas FAQ

Q1. What is Natural Gas?

Answer: A naturally derived compound, natural gas is a mixture of simple hydrocarbon compounds that produce a combustible, gaseous fuel. Comprised largely of methane, natural gas is a fossil fuel used extensively as an everyday energy source.

Q2. What are the Origins of Natural Gas?

Answer: Typically found in deep rock reservoirs below the earth’s surface, natural gas is understood to have been formed millions of years ago. Throughout history as small plants and animals died and were buried beneath sand and rock, the layers of earth and organic matter piled up. As the layers continued to build, heat and pressure from the earth transformed the material into what today is natural gas and petroleum.

Q3. Where Is Natural Gas Used?

Answer: An effective energy source, natural gas is used expansively across industrial, commercial, and residential locales. With the recent gas deregulation, Florida natural gas has become even more affordable for individuals and businesses. As over 55 percent of American residences heat with gas, this energy source is used largely by individuals. In addition, the use of natural gas is growing in the electric power industries, cooling systems, and transportation structures.

Q4. Is Natural Gas a Clean Fuel?

Answer: Releasing only small amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and miniscule nitrogen oxides, natural gas is widely accepted as the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

Q5. How is Natural Gas Measured? (What is a BTU?)

Answer: As with any energy compound, natural gas is measured using a standard unit, the Btu. The Btu, or British thermal unit, is equal to the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. While this is the standard scientific measure, most consumer bills are charged in terms of therms or typical heat content. A therm is an energy measure equal to 100,000 Btu.

Q6. How Does Natural Gas Get to Customers?

Answer: Like many other energy sources, natural gas requires an extensive process prior to distribution and use. Initially, production companies locate, drill, and extract natural gas from the earth. Then, transmission companies install and maintain gas lines that connect fields to the major usage areas. Following this connection, the gas is delivered to consumers. Mirabito Gas is offering consumers natural gas savings as a result of gas deregulation in Florida by providing natural gas directly to users rather than through a utility company.

Q7. What are the Main Uses of Natural Gas?

Answer: Being such a clean and efficient energy source, natural gas is used widely across industries. Roughly 46 percent of natural gas consumed is used in the manufacturing sector. An equal 15 percent is utilized to provide electricity and in heating and cooling venues in the commercial market. The remaining 22 percent is used more individually in the residential sector for as in home energy consumption.

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